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Low voltage garden lights from one of the UK biggest stockists. Plug & play lighting systems give you professional lighting results in your garden without the expense of needing an electrician. 12v plug & play low voltage garden lighting is extremely easy to install and completely safe for your family and pets.

Techmar Installation

Installing Techmar garden lights couldn't be simpler. All of the low voltage garden lights, cables, transformers and switches have the same universal screw connector already fitted to the cable. Allowinging you to simply connect your low voltage lighting together quickly and easily creating your lighting system. The transformer simply plugs into any existing outdoor 3 pin socket or alternatively you can use an indoor socket if preferred.

There also a number of Techmar lighting kits available that have been put together by our team. All our plug and play lighting sets are extendable allowing you to quickly start your project before adding more lighting later on if required.

We keep the complete range of Techmar lights, cables, switches and transformers in stock. In fact we are (to our knowledge) the only ones that do. While some companies keep parts of the range in stock many companies get your order sent directly from the manufacturer in Holland. This means you can have long waits for delivery, expensive shipping costs and higher prices.

Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights

How To Design Your Techmar Garden Lighting System

We have put together a simple guide on the different type of Techmar cables and connectors. Many people are put off thinking that this aspect of the system is difficult. But once you look you will see just how easy it is. If you need help, remember we are here for you. Please don't hesitate to contact us and our knowledgable team will talk you through any queries you have. We can even work out your cabling for you, for free.

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Showing 1 - 60 of 96 items
Showing 1 - 60 of 96 items