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Low voltage garden lights UK. Plug & play lighting systems give you professional lighting results in your garden without the expense of needing an electrician. 12v plug & play low voltage garden lighting is extremely easy to install and completely safe for your family and pets.

Installing Techmar garden lights couldn't be simpler. All of the low voltage garden lights, cables, transformers and switches have the same universal screw connector already fitted to the cable. Allowinging you to simply connect your low voltage lighting together quickly and easily creating your lighting system. The transformer simply plugs into any existing outdoor 3 pin socket or alternatively you can use an indoor socket if preferred.

Techmar Low Voltage Garden Lights

How To Design Your Techmar Garden Lighting System

We have put together a simple guide of how to create your own Techmar garden lighting system (click link below) to try to help answer the most common questions we receive. If you do have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Alternatively you can purchase one of the Techmar Low Voltage Kits that our team have already put together for you. This is a great way to either completely light your garden or start you garden lighting.

Techmar Garden Lighting System Explanantion