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When it comes to choosing garden lights there are many options to consider. Are you looking for plainly decorative lighting like table lamps and lanterns? solar lighting that takes minutes to install due to it needing no cabling? 12V plug & play lighting that is equally as bright as a 240v but you can easily install yourself? Or a mains system that will need to be installed by somebody qualified be it your landscaper or an electrician.

The lights in our solar lighting range are a little different then you will find on most other sites. We only sell high lumen solar which is much brighter than standard solar lighting. Some of the product comes with matching solar wall and post options to give you a consistant theme to your design. PIR options are also available.

If you wish to install your own, our Techmar 12V low voltage garden lighting system is extremely easy and safe to install yourself without any electrical experience as everything simply connects together in a plug and play system. The simply plugs itno an indoor or outdoor standard 3 pin plug socket. Our team can guide you through the whole process and even design your cabling layout for you.

If you are, or are using an electrician, our 240V mains voltage range consists of lighting from quality companies such as Saxby and Ansell. Providing a great range of quality products for your project.

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