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Spiked garden spotlights are easily the most popular type of outdoor lighting. Why? Becuase of there versatility. They can illuminate anything from large tress to the smallest of flowers and everything inbetween. There are even IP68 spotlights for your water features and ponds.

Ground & Wall Mounted Spotlights

Most spotlights are supplied with a stake for soil as well as a bracket for concrete, decking and so they can also be wall mounted. This allows you to light objects from any angle you require.

LED & LED Compatible Spotlights

All of our spotlights are either LED right out the box or sold without a lamp (bulb). All of the spotlights sold without a lamp are LED compatible.

If your are looking for garden spotlight kits that you can install yourself. Please click here: Garden spotlight kits

Coastal Outdoor Lighting

Adding Colour To Your Garden

If your looking to add colour to your garden then some of the spotlights in the range such as the Luminatra come with RGB lamps (bulbs) and remotes.