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Coastal lighting has to brunt a far harsher environment then normal garden lighting has to. Salt whipped up from the sea is very corrosive and can quickly cause damage. Facts that if you live by the coast we are sure you are already very aware of.

Marine Grade Stainless Steel Lighting

Materials such as marine grade stainless steel, solid brass and galvanised lighting is often the best lighting to choosing for these locations. Although more expensive, they often offer longer 50 to 10 year warranties. Giving you piece of mind.

Seaside Styling

Coastal lights also need to fit there coastal location. A little seaside styling can go along way to making a light look like it is mean't to be part of it's surroundings.

Coastal Outdoor Lighting
Showing 1 - 29 of 29 items
Showing 1 - 29 of 29 items