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Ceiling Lights

If you are looking for the perfect ceiling lighting for your home our range of stylish designs has something for everyone. When choosing your lighting it is imperative that you consider function. Is the light the main light and need to illuminate the whole room or does it need to be softer (lower lumen) as it is going to above a dining table. When lighting large rooms are you going to have multiple ceiling lights or perhaps one feature light and softer downlighting around the room?

Many lights come with matching floor, table and wall designs, perfect for giving your room a matching overall design.

All our lighting is either LED or LED compatible with dimmable options available. Offering you great style while saving you money.

Led Ceiling Lights

Flush and semi flush ceiling lights are a great option for hallways and areas of the house that have a high footfall. Their close proximity to the ceiling allows them to unobtrusive yet elegant while supplying enough light to light the whole space.

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling on cords which are adjustable to the perfect length for your application. Look great when used in two's or three's over tables, kitchen islands and breakfast bars.

Spotlights are perfect as the main lighting in smaller rooms or for lighting features in larger rooms. If possible, it’s worth considering downlights as elegant alternative.

Bathroom IP44 lights is different to other lighting due to the fact that your bathroom produces steam and moisture that not all lighting would be protected from. When choosing bathroom lighting, always choose lighting with a minimum IP rating of IP44.