Mr Beams Spotlight Ground Stake Fitting

Mr Beams ground stake will fit all Mr Beams Security lights* to be placed on the ground stake. Easy, hassle free installation for the perfect security light location.

Key Product Features

Mr Beams
Great position for trip hazards
Mr Beams
Modern Design
Mr Beams
Easy To Install

More details

£ 2.50 exc vat
£ 3.00 inc vat


Mr Beams Spotlight Ground Stake Fitting

*The Mr Beams ground stake is compatible with the following lights.
Spotlight (MB360)
UltraBright Spotlight (MB390)
NetBright Spotlights (MB342)
Remote Spotlight (MB371)

The ground stake can be pushed into the ground to mount the spotlights on garden stakes. The stem of any compatible light will fit snugly into the moulded fitting that will hold your security spotlight.

Fitting spotlights on ground stakes makes for an impressive garden display and an ideal height for the light if you wish to illuminate hazardous trip areas. You can install the light easily in a matter of minutes at any height you desire.

The ground stake is available in two colours to match your existing light.