Benefits of LED

Published : 03-04-2018 16:16:32
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LED Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Instant Light

Instant Light



Enviroment Friendly

Environment Friendly

Longer Lifespan

Longer Lifespan

Moving To LED

Technology has progressed further, to a point where there is a direct LED equivalent to existing halogen and incandescent lamps. The future is bright too; new technology will see brighter LEDs using even less power than they currently do.

Filament LED

The strips of phosphor have tiny LED chips embedded inside. When they are lit, they shine in a similar way to the original incandescent lamps. They are perfect for products with crystal and open shades.

Finding Your LED Equivalent

Use our quick & easy guide to find your LED replacement for your existing non-LED lamps. Simply look for the wattage of the existing lamp you have and then look to the top row of the table below to find the LED wattage equivalent


LED Colour Guide

Warmer whites are generally preferred for creating a more relaxed environment in dining, reception areas and living areas.


Cool white is a good choice for domestic areas where tasks are performed, such as kitchens, bathrooms and utility rooms where a simulated natural, outdoor light is preferred.


Perfect for industrial and healthcare applications where a cool, invigorating light is required.

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