Techmar 12V Low Voltage Garden Lighting

Published : 03-04-2018 19:16:55
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Low Voltage Garden Lights | Techmar 12V Plug & Play Garden Lighting System

The Techmar 12V low voltage plug & play garden lighting system is incredibly easy to install without the need for an electrician. Installing the system is as as easy as 1 2 3. The following information will guide you through the these three key elements.

1) Select Your Garden Lighting

Select your garden lighting from the website or catalogue. The Techmar garden lighting range consists of:

LED Garden Post Lights

Ideal for marking borders, paths and driveways. Smaller post lights can be used in planters etc.

12V LED Plug & Play Garden Post Lights

LED Garden Wall Lights

Ideal for lighting walkways and fencing. You can also create a great effect by installing wall lighting above tall planters.

12V LED Plug & Play Garden Wall Lights

LED Garden Decorative Lights

Techmars decorative lighting range is designed to be a feature in your garden in it's own right.

12V LED Plug & Play Garden Decorative Lights

LED Garden Floodlights

Techmar floodlights are available in 15W and 30W. Ideal for lighting aspects of your garden you don't always want illuminated such as washing lines and bins. Best used with a switch (see below).

12V LED Plug & Play Garden Floodlights

LED Garden Spotlights

Ideal for lighting trees and plants as well as objects of interest in the garden such as statues and water features.

12V LED Plug & Play Garden Spotlights

LED Garden Deck Lights

Deck lighting not only looks great but can be a valuable safety addition, marking the edge of decking and steps.

12V LED Plug & Play Garden Deck Lights

LED Garden Pond Lights

Pond lights are IP68 rated, this means they can be used in your pnds and water features for some simply stunning lighting effects.

12V LED Plug & Play Garden Pond Lights

2) Select Your Transformer

Transformers are available in 22W, 60W and 150W, to determine which transformer you will need, you will have to do a little simple math. All you need to do is add up the lamp wattage of your lights and choose a higher rated transformer. So for example if the lighting you have chosen was as below:


The total of your lights wattage would be 15W therefore the smallest transformer at 22W (22W being higher then 15W) would be fine unless you planned on adding more lights later.

If you added a floodlight to your list of lights as below though.


Your total would be 30W so a 22W transformer would not be big enough, therefore you would choose a 60W transformer.

TIP: We strongly recommend that when choosing your transformer that you roughly leave a capacity of 5%. So for anything over 20W we recommend stepping up to a 60W transformer and anything over 56W we recommend stepping up to 150W transformer. This will protect your transformer from running full out, extending it's life.

Most customers expand their lighting plan at some point so it is a good tip to allow some capacity on your transformer for this.

3) Select Your Cables

The easiest way to work out your garden cabling is to draw a scale sketch of your garden including your lighting positions, power point (socket) and any large structures like a shed or water feature you may have to cable around. All you then need do is choose your cabling from the follow cable options:


The cabling you choose is determined by the position of your garden lighting and your power source. The aim is simply to join up all the points using as little cabling as possible. Many customers come back and order extra lights to their lighting design. This is easily achieved though in most cases by using a three way splitter (shown above) so adding extra capacity on the main cables usually isn't something you really have to worry about.

Something most people forget is that the lights themselves come with a cable which is usually between 1m and 3m. This information can again be found on the lights description.

Want more help? View our full Techmar 12V Garden Lighting Cable Guide


As far as your Techmar lighting system goes that is basically it. The only other option to consider is if you want to control your lighting either via remote, dusk to dawn sensor (very popular) or some of your lighting such as the floodlights via pir. All of these options are available and extremely easy to set up.


To Sum Up

If you have any issues with any of your garden plan, please ask for our help. Our team are more then happy to plan your cabling for you (if you provide a sketch), advise you on lighting options and help you through each step. All of our team are thoroughly trained on every aspect of the Techmar system and all of them have installed at least one lighting system. So why not take advantage of our experience and contact us today.

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