Techmar 12V Garden Lighting Cable Guide

Over the last 6 years we have sold thousands of Techmar lighting systems to thousands of very happy customers. If there is one thing we have learnt over that time, it’s that many of our customers have problems when it comes to working out the best way to cable their garden. So in an effort to help, we have tried to write the ultimate Techmar 12V Garden Lighting Cable Guide.

The Basics


The cables in the Techmar range consist of main cables, extension cables and splitters. The mains cables come with preformed connectors at set intervals along the cable while extension cables don't have any. Splitters, as the name would suggest, allow you to split any connector socket into three connector sockets.

Techmar Main Cables

Techmar main cables come with preformed connectors at set intervals along the cable. Available in three lengths (15m, 10m & 8m) to suit yours needs, these cables are the backbone of the techmar system.

The largest 15m SPT-3 main cable can carry a maximum load of 150w while the two smaller SPT-1 main cables (10m & 8m) can carry a maximum load of 120w. When designing your cable layout it is important to remember therefore that if you use a SPT-3 cable after a SPT-1 you are reducing it's load to 120w.

It's important to remember that when joining main cables together, you will be using the last connector to join to the next main cable effectively reducing it's connectors by one. If you needed a socket for one of your lights at this point then you can easily solve the problem by using a splitter. The Techmar recommended maximum distance for your cabling is 80m

15m Main Cable 6 Connector Spacings
SPT-3 Maximum load 150W

10m Main Cable 4 Connector Spacings
SPT-1 Maximum load 120W

8m Main Cable 4 Connector Spacings
SPT-1 Maximum load 120W

Techmar Extension Cables

Techmar extension cables do not have any preformed connectors, their main aim is to either get you from your transformer to the starting point of your lights or to pass a large object such as a shed where having connectors would just be a waste. The smaller extension cables are ideal for giving you extra cable between the main cable and your lights, especially useful for anyone with deep borders. Available in four lengths (10m, 6m & 2m) to suit yours needs. A 2m and 5m rubber cable is also available for anyone looking for a little extra protection against any bedding medium that has sharp edges.

The 10m SPT-3 extension cable is can carry a maximum load of 150w while the rest of the extension cables can carry a maximum load of 120w.


Techmar Cables Splitters

As the name would suggest, the Techmar cable splitter simply converts any single socket into three sockets.

The splitter is extremely useful, in fact we very rarely sell a Techmar garden lighting system that doesn't include at least one. One of the most popular uses is connecting a splitter directly to the transformer. This allows you to run two main cables in different directions.

It should be remember though that the splitter is SPT-1 therefore it's maximum load is 120w. Therefore if you connect a splitter directly to a 150w transformer, you are dropping the maximum load of the whole system to 120w.

Techmar Lighting Cables

As you would expect, every light in the range comes with it's own cable and preformed connector which can range in length between 1 and 3 meters. The longer length light cables tend to be associated with wall lights and lighting that can be submerged. Every Techmar light on 4LED has it's lead length displayed in each products information section.

There is one slight exception to this rule which is applicable to certain deck lights in the range. We will cover that next.

Techmar Decking Cables - "Daisy Chain"

While most deck lights connect to the system in exactly the same way as every other light in the Techmar range. There are several lights that daisy chain together making lighting your deck incredibly easy.

Up to 30 lights can be joined in this way. The last leg can either be simply capped off or alternatively you can connect a main cable, extension cable or another light from the range.

Techmar Screw Connectors

One last thing to mention with regards to cable connectors are screw connectors. Screw connectors give you the ability to add an extra connection almost anywhere on your cable. We say "almost" anywhere because we wouldn't advise placing them on the cable attached to your lights or on any cable that's underwater.

The screw connectors are available for both SPT-1 and SPT-3 cable. Even though SPT-3 cable is only available on the 15 main and 10m extension cable, once you have tidied all your cable away or partially buried your cable, you might not be certain which cable you have. To help with this we have incuded the different cable measurements below.

Techmar Cable Summary

So there you have it, our ultimate guide to Techmar cabling. If you have any questions or you would like us to either double check your cable design or even do your cable design for you. Then please call us or send us an email. We are only too happy to help.