Kosnic Kosnic Ventas PIR Sensor & Remote Control


The New Kosnic Ventas range of quality LED floodlights are not only very reasonably priced, but very versatile. Simply purchase the right size floodlight that suits your needs and application and add a plug-in PIR or dusk to dawn sensor. We even offer a PIR that comes with a remote control that allows you full controllability when setting the PIR and changing it in the future.

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£ 10.00 exc vat
£ 12.00 inc vat

-£ 12.55

£ 24.55


This PIR sensor comes with a remote control and can be used with any of the Ventas floodlights, adding this to the floodlight will make the fitting IP44 rated rather than IP65. The remote control has a number of different functions: you can manually override the sensor, adjust the sensitivity, the time on which the light stays on for and adjust the lux levels. The PIR can detect movement up to 8mtrs away with a 120° angle when installed at 1.8m-2.5m in height.