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Techmar Techmar Garden Screw Connector Socket For SPT-3W Cable


Screw connector socket for SPT-3W cable. This can be positioned anywhere along a SPT-3W cable to give an extra socket for light fittings. This connector simply fits over the cable and a screw cap tightens it up and spikes the cable, thus making electrical contact.

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£ 4.37 exc vat
£ 5.24 inc vat


Techmar Screw Connector

The Techmar screw connector allows you to quickly and easily add an extra connection to any mains or extension cable. Just follow the simple instructions below. Alternatively simply watch our screw connector video for a full demonstration.

1) Roughly position your lights and create access to your cable.

2) Simply undo connector and remove the spacer.

3) Place cable inside, reinsert the spacer and screw the cap back on tightly to create a waterproof seal.

4) Plug your light into your newly created connector.

5) Tidy your cabling and your done.

Make Sure You Select The Correct Screw Connector For Your Cable

SPT-1 Screw Connector
Fits the 10M mains cable as well as the 2M & 6M extension cables.

SPT-3 Screw Connector
Fits the 15M mains cable and the 10M extension cable