Techmar Cylon 12V Plug & Play LED Garden Spotlight


The Techmar Cylon garden spotlight really fits a gap in the Techmar range. Being free standing and heavy enough not to be affected by the wind, the Cylon is perfect for lighting pots and plants on your patio and decking areas. The spotlights angle is even adjustable!

The Cylons 190 lumen output is more then adequate of lighting the tallest pots, plants and items of interest in your garden.

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£ 29.39 exc vat
£ 35.27 inc vat


Techmar Cylon 12V Plug & Play Garden Spotlight

Material: Resin

Colour: Black Granite

Lamp: 3W MR11 Power LED 3000K Warm White

Lumen: 190

Energy Rating: A+

Dimension (HxW): 100mm x 100mm

Cable: 2 metre SPT-1 with connector

IP Class: IP44 suited for outdoor use

Mounting Type: Freestanding

To Use This Light You Will Also Need

A transformer rated higher then the total wattage of your lamps (bulbs).

If ordering more then one light or you need the light to be positioned further away then the length of it's cable from the transformer, you will also need cabling.

Cables & Transformers

The Techmar 12V Plug & Play System


The Techmar 12V plug & play system is a simple garden lighting concept where lights can be simply plugged into a series of cables and splitters with preformed connectors. The mains cable is then simply plugged into a transformer which plugs into any outdoor socket using a standard 3 pin plug.

This system is extremely safe and can be installed by anyone without any electrical training or knowledge.

Techmar Garden Lighting System Video

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