Techmar Astrum White 12V LED Plug & Play Decking Lights Kit

The Techmar Astrum deck light kit has all you need to quickly install lighting into your decking. Available in two colours (blue & white) the Astrum is one of the most popular decks lights in the Techmar range.

The Techmar system is a 100% safe and easy to use plug & play system, no electrical experience is needed.

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More details

£ 75.30 exc vat
£ 90.36 inc vat

  • 6 Light Kit
  • 8 Light Kit
  • Include Remote & Reciever
  • Don't Include Remote & Reciever
  • Include Timer / Sensor
  • Don't Include Timer / Sensor
  • 60W Transformer
  • 150W Transformer
  • No Upgrade


Techmar Astrum White LED 12V Plug & Play Garden Post Lights

Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Stainless Steel
Dimension (HxW): 28 mm x 40 mm
Cable: 2x1 meter SPT-1 plus connector
Light Source Included: 12V 0.5W White
IP Class: IP68 suited for use under water
Mounting Type: “Drill Hole” 30mm dia

6 Light Astrum Kit Contains

  • 6 x Astrum 0.5W LED deck lights
  • 1 x 6m extension lead 
  • 1 x 22W transformer

8 Light Astrum Kit Contains

  • 8 x Astrum 0.5W LED deck lights
  • 1 x 6m extension lead 
  • 1 x 22W transformer

Connecting Your Astrum Deck Lights

Each Astrum deck light has a 1m lead with a male connector and a 1m lead with a female connector. This allows the lights to be simply joined to each other or "daisy chained". A maximum of 30 lights can joined this way.


Although Everything You Need Is Included

We have also included the options to include a timer sensor and / or a remote and receiver. These switching devices are very popular and add extra functionality to your garden lighting system. For more information, please click the links below.

Timer / Sensor Remote & Receiver

The Techmar 12V Plug & Play System


The Techmar 12V plug & play system is a simple garden lighting concept where lights can be simply plugged into a series of cables and splitters with preformed connectors. The mains cable is then simply plugged into a transformer which plugs into any outdoor socket using a standard 3 pin plug.

This system is extremely safe and can be installed by anyone without any electrical training or knowledge.

Techmar Garden Lighting System Video